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How To Minimize the Cost Of A Rogue Tenant

In my previous blogs I talked about tips covering the tenancy selection process. So far these tips will ensure you find the right tenant, someone who has good references from their previous landlords, no bad financial history and is employed and earning enough to pay the rent each month. However, there is another safeguard you […]

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Essential Advice for Successful Tenant Selection

Now that you know to successfully market your property and increase your chances of getting a rental price that is higher than the market, it’s time to look at one of the most important aspects of renting out your property. And yes, you guessed it; it involves getting the right tenants for your property. There […]

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Do You Know Your ‘Access’ Rights As a Landlord?

In the last few blogs I covered some of the rules and regulations regarding visiting the property and what your rights are as well as those of your tenants. Another important thing to know is that you do have a right to ‘reasonable access’ to the property, for inspections and repair. However, your tenants still […]

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Tips To Avoid Breaking The Law As A Landlord

In my last blog I spoke about the reasons why you should try to keep your relationship with your tenants as positive as possible. If you didn’t read that I recommend you go back and quickly do so to get up to date and take in some great advice. As previously we talked about things […]

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How to avoid making the biggest mistakes when renting out your house

After much thought and deliberation we here at Luscombe & Co decided to compile a list of the biggest mistakes we see some landlords and home owners making, when renting out their property without knowledge or guidance from within the industry. We felt that we needed to make you aware of these mistakes, so here […]

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Prepare Your Property for Winter

We’re all well aware that summer is far behind us now, with the clocks going back and these eerie, dark winter nights creeping up on us. There’s nothing worse than something happening to your property that could have been prevented, especially in this weather. We have procedures in place here at our letting agency to […]

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